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COMFA Model Download


We hope that you will use this version of COMFA in your research. It is open architecture so each component can be modeled and adjusted individually. Please feel free to adjust the components as necessary to meet the conditions of your study. 

Below you will find a list of journal articles and books that used the COMFA model and we hope that you will cite the most appropriate ones when you publish your work. And please send us a reference to any papers or books that you publish that use COMFA and we will add them to the list.

If you have any suggestions about how the model could be made more user-friendly let us know.


Note: The original model was developed by Robert Brown and Terry Gillespie starting in 1979. The first version was published in 1987 and has been adjusted and updated by many people over the years including Dr. Natasha Kenny, Dr. Jennifer Vanos, and Dr. Wenwen Cheng.  These versions were developed by soon-to-be-Dr. Kanghyun Lee under the supervision of Dr. Brown.


* COMFA (You input your own data) 
* COMFA-TD (Includes Typical Days data for climate zones around the world)



# COMFA Download

# COMFA-TD Download