Visualizing Analytic Provenance

posted March 3, 2017

Data analysis can be complicated, and communicating the process of data analysis can be difficult. The complexity in human analytic processing can make it difficult to remember the steps and rationale that led to the formation of hypotheses, the generation of specific data views, and the realization of conclusions.

Our research explores new designs for visually representing the history of data analysis and evaluating the effectiveness of different designs. Effective presentation and communication of analytic processes is essential for understanding the underlying arguments behind decisions, and visual presentation will facilitate review of analysis processes by making it possible to understand analytics strategies and their effectiveness. We aim to support research of visualization designs to capture and communicate the process of data analysis, which is also referred to as analytic provenance. We provide detailed samples of analysis logs from user studies that can be used as a basis for the design and evaluation of provenance visualizations.

This project supported by NSF 1565725.