Evidence-Based Design Laboratory

The Evidence-based Design Laboratory (EBDLab) is the newest initiative of the Center for Health Systems & Design at Texas A&M University, a pioneering healthcare design and research organization based at the Texas A&M University College of Architecture.

Its mission is

“To improve the environments for healthcare by promoting teaching, research, and outreach in an interdisciplinary program that focuses on evidence-based health facility design and planning.”

The Center strives to create a stimulating atmosphere focusing on the effects of facility design and planning on the healthcare experience and the new lab offers collaborative research capabilities, educational products, and consulting services.  With the objective of producing environments that promote well-being, the Center coordinates with representatives of the healthcare design industry in the United States and throughout the world, reaching out to other programs that share the same goals.

Faculty specializing in evidence-based design initiated their activities at Texas A&M in the 1980’s, formally consolidating as a research unit in 2010.  The EBDLab team members include more than a dozen researchers and designers specializing in evidence-based design in multiple settings ranging from health to educational building, landscape, and virtual environments.  The EBDLab is located within the Center for Health Systems & Design, which houses support staff, faculty and students.