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Ying Liu

Dr. Ying Liu is a visiting scholar from Harbin Institute of Technology.  She received her M. Arch. and Ph.D. degrees in Architectural Design and Theory from Harbin Institute of Technology of China. She is a Lecturer and Thesis supervisor at the School of Architecture of Harbin Institute of Technology.

Her research focuses on sustainable design, energy effiency, life-cycle cost and daylighting in  large-space public buildings, especially daylight optimization of gymnasiums. Ying was the PI of several research grants from the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, the Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province of China, the Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Sciences Fund (Youth Fund Project), and the Natural Science Planning Topic of Jilin Education Department of China.

Ying published a research paper titled: Daylighting Design of Gymnasium, Studying From Value published by China Architecture and Building Press, which helped her  to be selected to direct an important research project funded by the Chinese Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang titled: Dynamic Daylighting Optimization of Gymnasiums for Extremely Cold Areas Considering Life-Cycle Cost.