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Lab Facilities

  • Heliodon


Heliodon is a device for adjusting the angle between a flat surface and a beam of light to create a 3-D representation of sunlight's effect on a building from any location on earth, any time of day, any day of the year.



  • Large Scale Models (1:4)


To represent an office envelope that minimizes solar heat gains and maintain views to outside, two scale models at 1:4 scale were built, one as a reference model (RM) illuminated through a sidelight window only and the other as a test model (TM )including also a light pipe and a light shelf.. The two scale models simulated south-facing deep open plan office spaces of 10 ft high, 20 ft wide and 30 ft long.



  • 75% Full Scale Facility (1:1.33)


To predict more accurately the lighting and energy performance of our CFS, a larger experimental facility, was built at the Architecture Ranch Fabrication Facility at Texas A&M Riverside campus. It was built in an old shipping container which was adapted to represent a section of an office space with an unobstructed south view, at 75% of full-scale. The room dimensions were 30 ft long, 20 ft wide, 10 ft high.



  • Full-scale 360 degrees Rotating Facility (1:1)


New full-scale rotating room offers the highest accuracy of all the other models. The room is a low-cost facility with a manual rotation of 360°. The collected data in this room will serve to validate the lighting and energy performance of CFS in state-of-the-art simulation procedures.