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Professional Design Projects

Bright Forest Village, An Intergenerational Retirement Community

Kitakyushu, Japan


This project will explore new models to address the problems of housing in aging population and caring for those dementia. At the same time, this innovative community will provide housing for young couples and single mothers, so they and their children can interact with the elderly residents. 

• Team Members: Drs. Rodiek and Lee (PIs)
• Client: Kenshi Nishino

Responding to COVID-19: Design brief


UBRICA ONE: Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of

Africa Medical City, Kenya


This evidence-based master planning project is to explore future development strategies and potential for a 4000-acre site in Nakuru County, Kenya. The Medical City is part of the larger. Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa (UBRICA) initiative, and UBRICA ONE is its premier project in Kenya.

• Team Members: Dr. Lee (PI)
• Funded by: UBRICA, Ltd.


Thompson and Grace Medical City master planning project in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria


This is an evidence-based master planning project to propose proposals for the development of a world class medical city on a 100-acre site that includes a 700-bed medical center, a medical university, research facilities, clinics, residential communities, shopping areas, and hospitality facilities, in a setting that promotes healing and healthy living, environmental sustainability, productive landscape, and community partnerships. 

• Team Members: Dr. Lee (PI)
• Funded by: Thompson and Grace, Ltd.

Design brief


Smart Design Principles for Neighborhood Shopping Centers


This pilot study analyzes the designs and locations of food-related neighborhood shopping centers to understand factors that contribute to higher foot traffic and higher share of non-motorized modes to access the shopping centers. It also identifies the design characteristics that may be associated with increased property values.

• Team Members: Dr. Lee(PI), Dr. Sharkawy(Co-PI)
• Funded by: International Council of Shopping Centers


Evidence-Based Planning and Design for Falcon Point Master Planning


This project applies an evidence-based approach to plan and design a master-planned community in a 6,000-acre coastal property in Texas, translating research findings on healthy and active living communities into design solutions.

• Team Members: Dr. Lee(PI), Mr. Folzenlogen, Mr. Mason(Research Assistants)
• Funded by: The Seadrift Partners, Austin, TX