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Design Research for Active Living

The Design Research for Active Living (DrAL) group is devoted to interdisciplinary research aimed at linking elements of the built environment with human health behaviors and outcomes.

We believe that the homes, neighborhoods, cities and regions in which we live, work, study and play form an important health infrastructure that can promote or hinder good health. Made up of faculty members and students from Texas A&M University, our teams focus on identifying the specific and modifiable attributes of the built environment that can contribute to active and healthy living for all, especially vulnerable populations such as children, minorities and older adults.

Toward this end, we conduct research projects examining people-environment relationships from the smaller architectural scale to the larger neighborhoods and regional scales. Our work also is focused on multiple perspectives, from practitioners to policy-makers perspective, and from a people-oriented view to an environment-oriented view. Finally, we are committed to advancing theoretical and methodological approaches to better characterize the built environment for research, practice, and intervention purposes.